We use ancient-inspired ingredients based on archaeological research to create the beers for this series. Our brewing techniques are all modern, leaving the open pottery brewing and fermentation to home brewing experiments rather than at the brewery. We create ales that are unlike anything you have had before.


All of our beers are based on archaeological evidence. Some of the data comes from the residues of beer vessels sent with the dead, some comes from evidence of food plants preferred by ancient groups, and sometimes we even have written documents about the process. Check out our Beer page for information about each brew and the Blog for details about what we are up to now.

Great Beer

From the beginning of this project, we agreed that the research needed to be grounded in archaeology, but it would only work if the beer was actually delicious. Dave thinks these are some of the best beers he’s brewed. What do you think?

  • Research beer prehistory
  • Brew ancient-inspired ales
  • Share amazing beer
  • Teach people about the prehistory of brewing and the people who first invented this libation

Drinking beer in a blissful mood,
Drinking liquor, feeling exhilarated,
With joy in the heart (and) a happy liver…

from the Hymn to Ninkasi,
The Mesopotamian Goddess of Brewing, 3rd millennium BCE

Project Goal

beer can be an entry point for engagement with the past, allowing a broader public to engage with archaeological knowledge and to create their own meaningful connections with the antiquity of humanity.

About Us

Marie is an archaeologist at VIU who specializes in the food and alcohol of the ancient Near East.
Dave is the Owner/Brewer at LoveShack Libations in Qualicum Beach, BC.
Both of us love beer, love figuring out what this might have tasted like thousands of years ago, and love sharing these tastes with you.

Get In Touch

Both Marie and Dave love to talk about their beer. Feel free to reach out via email or visit the brewery to purchase our ancient-inspired ales. Future events are being planned…


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Drop By

LoveShack Libation brewery hours have changed. Check the LoveShack website, Facebook or Instagram for current information.

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