Marie and Dave brewing Midas Touché, the first beer they brewed in the Raise Your Glass to the Past research project.
Photograph by Melissa Renwick (2019)

Ancient-Inspired Ales

Midas Touché is a hybrid beer, incorporating ancient traditions from both Egypt and Mesopotamia.  It is brewed from our earliest domesticated grains, emmer and khamut, and flavored with coriander, honey, and a Midas-worth amount of saffron.  This golden-hued beer was our first experiment in reinventing a taste of the past.

The Chosen Chicha is an Inka-inspired beer, brewed from organic, purple Peruvian corn and flavored with strawberries, agave and allspice.  What makes our chicha unique is the addition of the Brut IPA enzyme to create a crisp, dry, slightly sweet ale. This chicha honors the Chosen Women of the Inka Empire, who brewed chicha for the gods, their elite and their families.

Jiahu Are You? is inspired by the rice-based beers of ancient China.  Jiahu (pronounced zjoo-hoo) is a  7,000 BCE site where some of the earliest evidence for rice domestication has been found.  This cherry-hued beer is flavoured with hawthorn berries, sweet orange peel, chrysanthemum and hibiscus.

Odin’s Eye is our Viking-era grog,  meaning a beer that  it is a hybrid beverage with characteristics of beer, mead and wine all brewed together at once. This dark beer takes it colour from deeply roasted malts and its flavor profile from copious amounts of birch bark, birch syrup, lingonberries, and cherries.  The birch and forest fruits give Odin’s Eye an almost sour finish.

The Blood of My Enemies is what the ancient Aztecs fed Huītzilōpōchtli, the Sun diety, thus allowing life to thrive in their empire.  From our red-gold ale you will first notice a richness from cacao pods, followed by the warmth of chilies, and a hint of the coffee malt, all flavours first discovered and perfected in ancient Mesoamerica.

The Horn of Heimdall is our first truly raw ancient-inspired ale.  Drawn from a heritage Norwegian Farmhouse Ale from Hornindal, Norway, this beer is our closest attempt to an “authentic” method of brewing.  Still with modern brewing standards and equipment, this beer’s flavor is drawn mostly from an infusion of locally-sourced juniper.

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