Marie Hopwood and Dave Paul have teamed up to brew ancient-inspired ales.
Photograph by Melissa Renwick (2019)

Raise Your Glass to the Past…

is an experimental archaeology project designed by Dr. Marie Hopwood of Vancouver Island University (VIU) and Community Partner Dave Paul of Love Shack Libations.  The goal of our project is to put faces onto the past, making ancient peoples more real to the modern public through sharing their brewing craft and inspiration from millennia past. Towards this goal, Marie gives her students the opportunity to be trained in archaeological research and experimental methodologies, as well as how to share archaeological knowledge with both academic and general audiences. To facilitate this sharing, annual tasting events are held on VIU’s Nanaimo campus along with presentations about the research behind these beers. We have also been a part of the Nanaimo Craft Beer Week events at the Nanaimo Museum. Outside of these events, our beers can be experienced at the Discovery Room dining room at Nanaimo’s VIU campus, as well as for purchase at the LoveShack Libations brewery.

Our brews are not meant to be “authentic” portrayals of beers from the past, but instead are inspired by archaeological evidence of ancient brewing.  Marie and her students  carry out the archaeological research, and Dave translates these unique flavour profiles into delicious, well-balanced beers. 

While all of our techniques are modern, the inspiration points to the artistry of the past.  The result has been a series of ancient-inspired ales designed to get us to raise our glasses in celebration of the ancient brewers around the globe who paved the way for this most excellent libation.

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