Project Members:

Dr. Marie Hopwood
Department of Anthropology, VIU
Marie is an archaeologist who specializes in ancient Mesopotamia, focusing on food and alcohol. Her goal with this research is to “put faces onto the past” by helping people recognize the humanity of ancient peoples. For millennia people have been brewing and drinking beer, and we have a lot to be grateful for through that deep time brewing prehistory. This project allows Marie to train students in archaeological research, as well as in experimental archaeology methodologies and ways to share archaeological research with the public at large. Marie loves to chat with people about archaeology, especially over a pint of ancient-inspired ale.

Dave Paul
Owner/Brewer, Love Shack Libations
Dave is the craftsman and creative genius behind our beers.  Marie and her students do the research into archaeological traces of these ancient beers, as well as evidence for plant domesticates from the regions. Dave then takes that research and translates it into enticing pints of prehistory. These beers are different from anything he had brewed in the past, will inspire you rethink what you thought beer should be, and… most importantly… are delicious!

Melissa Ayling
Alumnus, Department of Anthropology, VIU
Current Masters Student at SFU

Melissa is a recent graduate from VIU majoring in Anthropology, and is now working towards her Master of Arts degree in Anthropology at SFU. She was the first student to work with Marie on this project, and together they co-presented an academic poster on this project at the Society for American Archaeology annual meetings in 2019. Melissa has also presented her research at the two on campus tasting events at VIU.

Lisa Kremer and Rayea Johnson
Students, Department of Anthropology, VIU
Lisa and Rayea are Student Researchers in the Raise Your Glass to the Past research project.  They are gaining foundational experience in experimental archaeology and choosing the paths they want to pursue. They both presented research about the origins of ancient beer at the 2020 VIU tasting event… just before quarantine was enacted in March. They are both still involved in the project, and are excited to see what the next steps might be.

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